NOTOCORD-hem™, developed by NOTOCORD, and now part the Instem solutions portfolio is the leading software platform for the acquisition, display and analysis of physiological signals, with a focus on the areas of Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Nervous System Research.

NOTOCORD-hem is used by pharmaceutical companies, contract research laboratories, hospitals and academic research centers around the world.

Key Features

  • Over 160 modules for a customized analysis
  • In vivo, In vitro and Ex vivo
  • Large range of hardware compatibility from analogue to implantable devices
  • Simultaneous acquisition from different sources and systems
  • Flexible user interfaces offering easy configuration and displays
  • Ultra-fast access to data regardless of experiment file size
  • Unique Microsoft Excel® Add-in for individualized reporting
  • Compliance with GLP & 21 CFR Part 11

NOTOCORD-hem can be installed in a GLP environment, adding access control and audit trail functionalities, restricted access to authorized individuals and use of electronic signatures.

NOTOCORD-hem is an open software platform compatible with multiple acquisition devices, including implants, and other software.

“I would recommend NOTOCORD-hem™ for its intuitive interface, convenient data analysis process, and the excellent customer service provided.” Matt Skinner, Vivonics Preclinical Limited

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

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